Backyard Bee Friends specializes in  woodenware including 5-, 8-, and 10-frame hive bodies, frames, hive stands, and more. Nucleus colonies specialized for wintering designed by Cathy are available; please inquire.

We offer custom painting for an added fee to your assembled equipment. See below for details.

Prices subject to change without notice
8-Frame Hive Bodies

8-frame deep box (unassembled) – $12.75
Assembled – $19.00
Assembled & painted – $26.00

8-frame medium box (unassembled) – $11.00
Assembled – $17.00
Assembled & painted – $24.00
Shallow boxes – $10.00
Screened bottom board – $18.00

5-Frame Hive Bodies

5-frame deep box (unassembled) – $11.00
Assembled & painted – $24.50

5-frame medium box (unassembled) – $10.00
Assembled & painted – $23.50

5-frame screened bottom board – $15.50 (add $6 for paint)
5-frame solid bottom board – $9.00
Shavings top for moisture control – $22.00 (add $5 for paint)
Honey flow shims – $5.00

Screened bottom boards
Screened bottom boards are for monitoring mite numbers in the hive (Varroa mite, a parasite of honey bees).  Screens also allow for ventilation in the hive promoting less moisture buildup and faster honey ripening.
Screened bottom boards are $18 for 8-frame hives and $15.50 for 5-frame hives (unpainted). 

Adjustable entrance reducers 
Entrance reducers are critical at certain points in the season. Avoiding robbing and invasion by mice are two reasons to have adequate entrance reducers. These reducers are movable and can be shifted upwards to encourage bee traffic during honey flows.