Beekeeping Tools


Backyard Bee Friends supplies a variety of basic beekeeping tools. These tools include but are not limited to:
– Veils/bee protective equipment
– Many different styles of hive tools
– Smokers
– Bee brushes
– Honey extracting equipment (honey buckets, honey gates, hot knives, uncapping tools, electric and hand-crank extractors)
– Bee books by local and national authors
– Mite testing and treatment

Veils & gloves
We carry veils of all types including full suits, jackets, and head veils ranging from size small to XXL. Please call ahead or make an appointment to make sure we have your size and selection in stock. We have various glove types in all sizes.

Hive tools
Hive tools are a necessity for any beekeeper. We carry a variety of hive tool types including common, frame lifter, J-hook, and Italian.

We carry several sizes of smokers to accommodate short and long trips to the apiary.

Bee brushes
Whether extracting honey, capturing a swarm, or grafting – a brush or feather is a great tool to safely remove bees from a frame without crushing them.

Honey extraction equipment
We carry honey buckets, gates, uncappers (manual and hot knives), electric and manual extractors, strainers, and jars for honey.

Bee books by local and national authors
We carry books by local authors such as Charlotte Hubbard and Dr. Larry Connor as well as national author Heather Holm (Native Pollinators in Your Garden). Call or email to check availability.

Mite checking and treatment
We carry University of Minnesota’s mite check kits that include powdered sugar, water bottle, shaker jar, and white surface for mite counting. If you find your mite load is over threshold, throughout the season we have Mite Away Quick Strips in stock. Mite Away Quick Strips are an organic miticide made of formic acid that has been shown to be effective in reducing mite loads in bee colonies when used in spring and fall.

If you are unsure of the product’s availability, contact Cathy at